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The contents of this website include, without limitation, images, texts, software, photographs, sound, music, videos, interactive and related resources ("Content"), trademarks and logos ("Trademarks") or any other industrial or intellectual property rights contained therein, which belong to EDP, and their use by unauthorized third parties is expressly prohibited. The contents of this website are provided solely for personal information and use, and may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, disseminated, sold, licensed or used in any other form for any other purpose without the prior written consent of the respective owners. The user declares that he/she shall not use, deactivate or interfere with the resources related to the security of the Website and the Application.

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The website may contain images or other materials with copyrights belonging to third parties, such as suppliers or other entities that have contributed to its creation or maintenance (such as photos from image databases, for example).

Although the personal data provided to EDP is within the scope defined in the privacy and data processing policy contained in these terms and conditions of use, any information or other contents that the user transmits through this website, whether it is by email, transmission of files, or any other method, shall be considered non-confidential and unreserved.


The user agrees that the use of the website is at his/her own account and risk. To the full extent permitted by law, EDP is exempt from any express or implicit guarantees in relation to the use of the website. EDP does not guarantee that the contents provided on its websites are accurate or complete, and does not assume any responsibility or obligation for any (i) errors or contents that are incomplete, (ii) personal damage or damage to property of any nature arising from access to and use of this website and application, (iii) unauthorized access or use of our secure services and/or personal and/or financial information stored on them, (iv) interruptions or termination of transmission to or from our web page, (v) errors, viruses, Trojan horses or similar that may be transmitted to or through the website, and/or (vi) errors or omissions in the contents, or any loss or damage occurring as a result of the use of contents published, sent, transmitted or provided through the website, (vii) unavailability or any difficulty or inability to download or access the contents or any other failure in the communication system that may result in the website being unavailable. EDP shall not be responsible for any website assistance or maintenance.

EDP reserves the right to make changes and corrections, change the name, suspend or close the www.edpventures.vc website whenever it deems appropriate, and without the need to advise its users in advance.

EDP does not assume any responsibility or obligation for any contents transmitted outside of this website between users, or between these and any third parties.


To the extent permitted by law, EDP and all its legal representatives, directors, employees or others who in any way act on behalf of and represent EDP, as well as any other party involved in the creation, production, maintenance or implementation of this website, shall not be liable to any website user for any possible damage, loss or injury (including any loss of profit and non-material damages, any indirect, accidental or consequential losses) that may arise from the correct or incorrect use of this website and its contents, access to the user's computer, cellphone/smartphone or tablet or information system by third parties, or any viruses, etc.

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The use of this website for illegal purposes or other purposes that may be considered inappropriate for the image of EDP is expressly prohibited. The theft or counterfeiting of contents, or use of stolen or counterfeit contents, illegitimate identification and unfair competition, are punishable by law.

The user is also prohibited from creating or introducing any type of virus or program that damages or infects this website, or that advises third parties to do so. The practice of the referred offence is punishable under the terms of the law.

The website is controlled and provided by EDP through its offices in Portugal. EDP does not guarantee that the website is available for use in other places. Whoever accesses or uses the website through another jurisdiction does so upon his/her own initiative and is responsible for compliance with local laws.


EDP is responsible for processing personal information about users that is directly collected through various methods. EDP undertakes to put adequate technical and organizational measures into practice to protect the personal data of its users against its destruction, whether accidental or illicit; accidental loss; change; dissemination or unauthorized access.

An adequate security level is considered to be applicable in relation to the risks presented by processing in light of the nature of the data to be protected.

In this way, EDP may collect and keep information that it was transmitted voluntarily and has received approval including, among others, individual personal information, such as names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. Prior to the processing and collection of personal data directly from the respective holders, EDP will provide all the necessary information about this processing and will collect the respective authorization for the purpose.

The data provided by the users shall be processed by EDP in compliance with the legally applicable principles, notably:

  1. Legally processed and with respect for the principles of good faith;
  2. Collected for certain explicit and legitimate purposes, and may not be processed later;
  3. Specific and, if necessary, updated, and adequate measures shall be taken to ensure that incorrect or incomplete data is deleted or rectified, taking into consideration the purpose for which they were collected or for which they may be processed later;
  4. Kept in order to enable the identification of its holders solely during the period necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes of collection or later processing. The data collected on the website is not considered sensitive under the applicable legislation, and consequently, the inherent restrictions are applicable.

The user's personal data are collected and introduced by EDP in an automatic file in order to carry out the activities included pursuant to the initiative of the website www.edpventures.vc.

The data collected may be transmitted to other companies belonging to the EDP Group, with their head office in Portugal or overseas, in order to carry out any activities included upon the initiative of the website. Personal data shall be collected and processed in accordance with the applicable Portuguese law that is in force, and all authorizations that are deemed necessary for the purpose shall be previously obtained from the national data protection committee. Under the terms of the law, EDP has adopted the measures needed to ensure that the data provided is protected against access or use by unauthorized third parties. However, EDP warns that there is a residual risk of unauthorized access through the internet.

There are other types of information, which in this case are not personal and not individual, and that are recorded solely to help ensure that the website is useful and to ensure a good navigation experience for whoever visits it. Statistical information, normally and by definition, constitutes information registered through the internet navigation window ("browser"), such as: the website address that brought the user directly to the EDP website, most visited website pages, type of browser, operating system, etc.


The user confirms that he/she is over the age of 18 years of age or has the legal authorization of his/her parents or guardians, and is fully capable of consenting to and accepting the terms, conditions, obligations, statements, representations and guarantees described in these Terms and Conditions of Use, and respecting and complying with them. If he/she is less than 18 years of age and does not have the legal authorization of his/her parents or legal representatives, he/she may not use the website.


EDP undertakes to ensure the privacy of registered users. EDP does not sell or hire any personal data sent by registered users to third parties.

Despite the efforts of EDP to protect their personal data, once these are collected through an open network - the internet - only this data may circulate on the network without security conditions, running the risk of being viewed and used by unauthorized third parties.


After EDP has collected individual personal data that has been voluntarily sent, it shall keep and maintain the data until there are instructions to the contrary, or until required by law. The preservation of this information helps EDP continue to provide personalized services without interruption.


These Terms and Conditions of Use and any rights and licenses granted herein may not be transferred or assigned by the user, however, they may be assigned by EDP to third parties, without any restrictions.


These Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy shall be governed by Portuguese law and shall be interpreted in accordance with Portuguese law. The Portuguese version of these Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy shall prevail over any translations into any other language, if there are any. Should any of the provisions be invalid, they shall be removed, while the remaining provisions shall fully continue to be in force and produce the same effects.

Should the parties fail to reach an amicable agreement, any conflicts and disputes of any nature relative to the creation, execution or interpretation of this Contract, shall be governed by Portuguese law and subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the District of Lisbon, with the express waiver of any other."