1. What are cookies?

Cookies are software files that websites or applications install on users’ browsers or devices (smartphone, tablet, among others) while they browse the different pages of the portal or application, and are used to store information on their visits. Like most web pages, this page uses cookies to:

i. Ensure that the pages are functioning correctly.

ii. Store user preferences, as well as the language selected and the font size.

iii. Desover the details of the user's browsing experience.

iv. Collect anonymous statistical information, such as the pages the user visits, and how long the user stays on each page for example.

The use of cookies enables optimized browsing, through the adaptation of the information and services provided for the interests of users, in order to provide them with a better experience every time they visit the website. This website uses cookies to personalize, adapt and improve the users’ browsing experience.

2. Type, purpose, and how they work

Depending on how long the user stays on the page, cookies can be classified as a session or as permanent cookies. The first type of cookie expires when the user closes the browser. The second type of cookie expires when its objective has been completed (for example, to identify the user on the website), or when they are disconnected manually. The cookies EDP uses may be classified as:

Performance: They are used to improve the browser experience and optimize the website, such as, for example, to store the settings for the service and the purchases made in a shopping cart.

Analytical: They collect information on user browsing experience on the website, normally anonymously, although sometimes they also enable a user to be identified, solely and unequivocally to obtain information on the user's interest in the services provided by the website.

3. Deactivating the use of cookies

All browsers enable the user to accept, reject or delete cookies, by selecting the appropriate settings in his/her browser. The user may configure the cookies in the "Options" or "Preferences" menu of his/her browser.

However, it is important to emphasize that the deactivation of cookies may stop some web services from working correctly, totally or partially affecting browsing on the website. Users may deactivate the use of cookies on this website at any time, by:

Changing browser settings, for example.

4. What happens when cookies are deactivated?

Some functions and services may stop working, or perform in an unexpected manner, such as, for example, to identify the user on certain pages, to keep purchases in the shopping cart for an e-commerce service, or to receive information that takes into consideration the user's location, among others. If you deactivate the cookies on this website, it is likely that you will not have access to certain areas, or that the quality of your browsing experience shall be considerably inferior.

5. The cookies used on this website

Below is a table summarizing the cookies used on this website:


Google Analytics


To collect information on the use of the website. This information is collected anonymously and is used to create reports of visits to the website, so as to improve its functionality.

6. Additional guarantees and cancellation of acceptance

EDP shall not be held responsible for the contents and accuracy of the privacy policies of third-party components that may possibly be included in this website. As an additional guarantee, the storage of cookies on this website may be subject to the user accepting the cookies during his/her visit to the website and the installation or update of the browser used. This acceptance may be cancelled at any time in the content and privacy settings, as defined above in point 3 of this policy, or by using the hyperlink on the bottom of this page.

7. Update of cookies policy

EDP may amend this cookies policy in compliance with legal or regulatory requirements, or adapt this policy to new instructions imposed by law. When significant changes are made to this cookies policy, the website user shall be notified.